You Don't Have To Be An Expert Internet Marketer To Profit In The Offline World

Dear Fellow Marketers,

From the desk of Search Engine Marketing Plus.

Here is my little secret in Offline Marketing.

Even if you're a newcomer to online marketing, you have the knowledge and skills that can make you a fortune. Many online marketers don’t realize the earnings potential in local offline marketing; it is your time to seize this opportunity to become a “e-Marketing Consultant” earning more than most professionals. Opportunity come and go so don’t let it slip out of your pocket!

Discover how to get clients who are ready to pay you a stream of residual income in the coming months by simply setting up a high demanding marketing service to boost their businesses, yet with minimum efforts as you can outsource 80% of the work . . . stay in control and be your own boss!

We will show you how to discover the untapped world of offline marketing treasures in easy-to-follow steps. My own experience has taught me that there is a huge demand for it and the profit potential is within your reach, believe it or not. This guarded secret that I have kept to myself has turned my life around and today I am about to reveal it so that you can benefit the same rewarding experience . . . YES you could be the next one!

Offline MarketingThey're of great value to people who don't have those skills and who don't know how to begin to market online.

And there are hundreds of businesses out there that are in needs of some direction, and all within easy reach of you. You simply need to lay out the strategies in front of these people who are already in desperate need for it and YES they need your help.

I'm talking about offline businesses here.

Estate agents, lawyers and dentists - hey, even florists, decorators, electricians and car valeting firms, hey the list is endless!

Any business whether it may be on, or off the main street.

They all need to be online . . . and you can take them there!

A 21st Century Business Without A Website Is Simply Not A Business! This Is The Truth

You're sitting on a golden opportunity to stop those enterprises from going under, and to keep them ahead of their competitors.

If you can create a website
, you have a high value service that you can sell

If you can move a website up the search engine rankings
, you have a high value service that you can sell

If you can set up an email lead capture form
, you have a high value service that you can sell

Are you seeing a pattern here???

And, even if you don't have any of those skills - you can outsource them.

There is no logical reason why you can't be an offline marketer really.

And, It's Easy To Get Started With Five Modules Of Training In Offline Marketing

Presenting Offline Marketing Strategies . . .

A step-by-step process which you can use to set up an offline business, find clients, present services to them (which you know you can deliver) . . . and get paid. And, you can discover what to do inside my new Special Report, Offline Marketing Strategies.

No longer do you need to flounder, or not commit to success. I want you to succeed so badly that I've broken this down into five simple training modules, by the end of which you'll feel ready to tackle offline marketing right in your own town or city.

Here are just some of the highlights inside Offline Marketing Strategies . . .

Offline Marketing

Exactly why all offline businesses need to improve their marketing strategies, and how you can propel them to success from the existing knowledge you already have online.

The five elements you need to make your offline business professional (just carry out these and you can establish your business quickly and cheaply - and without paying over the odds).

The only three methods you need ever consider to find clients
, and 18 ways you've probably never even considered to easily advertise your offline services

A useful trick to get over your nerves and market offline, even if you don't like business meeting and present your service and offers in person.

A quick checklist for meeting clients for the first time to make sure that the offer you present is right for them

The two page document that you always need to bring with you to impress a client (and the elements you can put in it that take just minutes to create and which can really "WOW" your customer).

How to ethically trick your customer to spend more money with you (miss this trick and it's like throwing away money which offline businesses are just waiting to pour on you).

The one precise question you need to ask to close the deal
(ask this question if your client is looking apprehensive and you can pull success from near defeat).


Offline Marketing Strategies is the key to my success and has brought light to the end of the tunnel. I was amazed by how the strategies have been laid out with 5 supporting modules of training in easy steps.

I've bought other eBook in the past but this one is different and this is a good example of my return on investment. The time I spent on learning and practicing it . . . I must say it is worth every penny!

Kevin Tascol
May 2011

A very well presented guide to dominate local offline marketing, the strategies are down to earth and very well thought with step-by-step guide.

Initially, I was curious about what the offline marketing fuss is all about until I dig deeper into it. I am glad that I bought it as it covers a range of offline marketing topics and it is suitable for newbie like me. The concept of outsourcing the work is great as it give me more time to focus on other areas of my business, thank you Steve for putting it together.

Lisa Jenks
March 2010

What I like about Offline Marketing Strategies is that I can learn the training modules in my own pace. The steps are logical enough for me to apply in the real offline world. No “fluff” just pure marketing content. Steve has been extremely helpful with all my queries even though I am a fussy guy. What have I got to loose with just $7? This is a no brainer, what a steal! Thanks for your time to share this profitable system, highly recommended.

Max Molings
December 2009

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A single offline client can be worth hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

You can charge them a few hundred just to set up a simple website (and that's before you charge them a monthly fee for hosting).

But, why stop at a single service.

You could run their autoresponder, write them press releases, all services which you can charge them for on a subscription basis.

Press them for a few referrals, and you could be raking in the cash.

I don't want an upfront investment to offer any kind of risk to you, so you can get this now for this super low price.

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But, I'm so convinced of the real opportunity offered through offline marketing, that I can't see why you would ever need to take me up on that guarantee.

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To Your Success,

SEO and Internet Marketer
Steve W.

P.S: It's true, offline marketing really is the future, and if you can understand this letter, you can sell services offline.

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